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Fishing on Lake Palestine ... it doesn't get any better than this!

Fishing in Lake Palestine

Stretching 18 miles in length, Lake Palestine offers a variety of fishing locations, from wide open deep water, to secluded spots in coves and bays.

Common Fish Species in Lake Palestine

The lake is very popular for largemouth bass tournaments due to its consistent success.

Both white bass and hybrid striped bass are present; white bass are particularly popular during their spring run up the Neches River and Kickapoo Creeks.

Channel and blue catfishes are abundant and flathead catfish provide great opportunity for trophy-sized fish.

The main crossing of Texas Highway 155 across Lake Palestine is the bridge (see photograph below) between Dogwood City and Coffee City.

Current Lake Palestine Fishing Report from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD)

Lake Palestine Fishing Tips

Texas Recreational Fishing Regulations (TPWD)


Most vegetation and underwater trees are above the Highway 155 bridge in the main lake, Highsaw and Ledbetter arms, in Kickapoo and Neches River arms and in Flat Creek.


Stocking of Fish in Lake Palestine

In the spring of 2015, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is stocking about 250,000 hybrid striped bass, a cross between white bass and striped bass, into the lake. That brings the lake’s five year stocking total to about 780,000 fingerlings and another 450,000 fry.

Lake Palestine is being stocked with Palmetto bass, a cross between a striped bass female and a while bass male. The state has also been working with a Sunshine bass, the reverse cross from the Palmetto, which shows promise for warmer water reservoirs. Palmettos have been known to live about 20 years.

Lake Palestine Fishing Renewal

Lake Palestine has shown signs of a renewed vigor for the last three or four years, after being known as perhaps the finest bass lake in Texas in the years after it opened. The recent upswing in good fishing comes from the lake's drawdown during the 2005-06 drought.

The drawdown was nearly 5' and allowed vegetation to grow where it normally had not, creating new spawning habitats. Then, 2 million Florida bass were stocked in the lake between 1997-2005, followed by another million-plus stocking of the same species in 2008-09.

Lake Palestine Fishing Guides

Reputable, experienced fishing guides are available for assistance on Lake Palestine and other area lakes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Tom Mayne
  • Jim Beggerly
  • Baxter's Guide Service
  • and others
  • Fishing Tournaments in Lake Palestine

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    Each year a number of fishing tournaments are held on Lake Palestine.

    Click to view our list of Fishing Tournaments at Lake Palestine.

    Marinas, Boat Docks, Launches and Storage

    More than a dozen private marinas, motels and campgrounds offer additional ramps and other services, including the following:

    In addition, five public boat launches provide access to Lake Palestine.

    Read a detailed list of Lake Palestine public access facilities, boat docks, and marinas.



    The Villages Marina and boat launching area at Lake Palestine
    The Villages Marina, Grill and boat launching area at Lake Palestine
    Photo of Texas Highway 155 bridge between Dogwood City and Coffee City
    Photo of Texas Highway 155 bridge over Lake Palestine looking south between Dogwood City and Coffee City

    Photo of Lake Palestine Marina
    Photo of Lake Palestine Marina
    Boat docks on Lake Palestine
    Boat docks on Lake Palestine


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